Our Mission:

Parkour for everyone.

Creating class programs and providing scholarships for individuals to access parkour in safe environments with qualified coaches regardless of age, gender, race or beliefs.
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Our Mission

We believe that parkour is for everyone. It can be an effective tool to promote physical, emotional, and mental wellness while allowing individuals to become part of a community. It is our mission to help make access to parkour, and the ability to learn parkour, a reality for everyone regardless of age, gender, race or beliefs.

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Why Parkour?

It’s fun!

Parkour is a movement discipline that has been growing in popularity over the last decade. As parkour is non-competitive in nature, it is becoming a popular alternative to competitive sports for people of all ages looking for another way to stay fit. It is a personal journey of self-improvement.

Parkour keeps people moving. The growing sedentary lifestyle culture has been a component in the rising obesity epidemic in children and adults. By finding new, exciting, and safe ways to keep the body moving, parkour is an effective tool to help people stay healthy through a focus on improving strength, range of motion, aerobic endurance, bone density, joint alignment, structural efficiency, mental focus, and community involvement.


Our Goals

Parkour can be practiced almost anywhere - at a playground, in the city, even at home in the backyard. There are lots of online tutorials to help would-be practitioners learn and practice. With the growing popularity of the discipline, many parkour gyms have risen across the nation. These are great places to learn in a safe environment from qualified professionals. Though, not everyone has the resources to utitize a parkour gym or program. That’s where we step in.

Our goals are two fold:

  • Create Legacy sponsored after-school programs at local parkour gyms, and

  • Provide individual scholarships to other parkour classes.


Get Involved

Whether you’re looking to improve yourself, your community, or are just looking to help others, we welcome you to get involved in our mission.


Apply For a scholarship

Apply for a partial or full scholarship to a participating parkour gym or program. Keep your body moving.

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Help your students and become a participating gym for our scholarship program.

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Make a tax-deductible donation and give others the opportunity to continue to improve their lives.